Represents without doubt the reference center of “Alto Jonio Cosentino”. A country dressed like City, here is how Trebisacce is shown to visitors to the North Calabrian coast. It focuses on the economic and commercial life of the entire territory. Is here, in fact, that has settled during the years, the largest commercial settlement of the area. The various commercial activities, small and large industrial realities and Tertiary services, almost completely disadvantaged the infrastructure shortcomings of neighboring municipalities replace the infrastructure shortfalls of neighboring municipalities. Despite the historic period not very happy for the global and local economy, Trebisacce maintains a leadership role to meet the small and big needs of Citizens.

The name comes from the Greek “trapezakion”, that meanings “small table”, in referring to the geographical characteristics of the territory. Its particular conformation and its strategic position along the coast allowed a
remarkable development in agriculture. Interesting is the cultivation of citrus fruits, including the “Biondo Tardivo”, a specialty of Trebisacce native oranges. Also important is the marine tradition, which despite the evolution of times, still resists today. Fishing, without doubt, represented until the second half of the 20th century, the largest source of
Development and growth in this area. Trebisacce duting the years has evolved, adapting to the historical and economic changes taking place in Alto Jonio Cosentino. It was a small fishing village with just over 2000 inhabitants in the early 1900s, until now that is tourist reality of reference for the entire region. Today it is the only country in the region capable of reaching 10,000 inhabitants.


The mild and temperate climate in almost every month of the year, a picturesque coast, and a crystal clear sea have allowed a remarkable tourist development of the town. This has favored the establishment of numerous commercial activities on the seafront and in the Marina of Trebisacce.

Today on the seafront of Trebisacce waves for the third consecutive year the Blue Flag, recognition already given in 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018 by the “Fee” for the clarity of the sea waters and the quality of the services offered to tourism. But Trebisacce is not just sea: is necessary to speak about the history of this country. In the 1980s, a group of researchers found the hill in “Broglio di Trebisacce”, that is an archaeological site. This, from the inestimable historical and cultural value, has brought to light the vestiges of an ancient Protostoric village. The archaeological site of Broglio is born on a hill in a panoramic position over the entire Piana of Sibari, and extends for about 11 hectares.

The first colonization of the site dates back to the average age of bronze during “protoappenninic” and “Apennine” periods (1700-1350 BC). It is in this historical era that the Sibaritide sees many settlements arise.
Since the end of the Middle Bronze Age and for whole the Bronze Age, the locals have come to
Close contact with mycenaean navigators. These intercultural exchanges allowed to acquire new technologies. Appears for the first time in Italy the lathe to build purified and painted ceramic pots. Vessels are used to store oil and food. Thanks to these important discoveries found in Broglio, it can be said with certainty that the first forms of civilization in the territory are before the advent of the Greeks, and that is where the roots of this territory are born.

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