San Lorenzo Bellizzi

Is a city located on the borders between Calabria and Basilicata, in the heart of the National Park of Pollino. San Lorenzo Bellizzi is a small urban center of only 650 inhabitants and an area of ​​only more or less 40 square kilometers. This site tells a story of enormous difficulties, poverty, infrastructure deficiencies that forged the soul of its inhabitants, patient and laborious people, who will be happy to welcome the visitor on a journey of history and nature.

Since the Middle Ages, Belizia, as it was formerly called San Lorenzo Bellizzi, belonged to the feud of Cerchiara, leading an economy predominantly dedicated to agriculture. But at that time, the inhabitants of this land had to fight against the powerful powers of the feudal lords in order to be able to obtain land for cultivation and tax relief to meet their primary needs. Requests satisfied in 1624, when the Pignatelli family gave the inhabitants new lands to be planted and built a mill.

The recent history does not change to the living conditions of the people of San Lorenzo Bellizzi. In the 1950s the country was the emblem of the whole of Italy, without water, a sewerage system, roads worthy of this name, and even legal guardians. But this people never lost their minds, and after they got out of the town, they began a tough protest that soon spread to all neighboring countries that came under the same conditions. It was a battle of dignity and desire for redemption, which has demonstrated and still shows the great pride of the Sanlorenzians to keep their country alive and lush.

San Lorenzo Bellizzi

Today is collecting the fruits of so many years of suffering and sacrifice. Those formerly the emblems of fatigue, pain and stench are now the greatest attraction for the many tourists who want to visit it. The characteristic houses and the surrounding environment have become the identity markers of a proud people of their own country. From here you will discover the Pollino National Park with its beautiful landscapes and panoramas.

The “Gole del Raganello” natural reserve, is undoubtedly one of the most important destination in this place. This protected area, established in 1987, extends for 1600 hectares. The Raganello Gorges form a long canyon of about 17 kilometers, from the source of Lamia to the neighboring Civita.
This torrent creek is one of the most appealing spots for adventure and hiking enthusiasts.
It is possible to walk through the canyon with the simple use of PPE required (personal protective equipment). Everyone can discover the enormous rock walls that delimit it and the breathtaking scenery. The more adventurous you can enjoy by rafting and riding the currents down to the valley.
Unique emotions to live in company, obviously … in San Lorenzo Bellizzi!

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