Country of the Murales on the Arberesh world.
The “Alto Jonio Cosentino” encloses in a few square kilometers an infinite variety of landscapes, stories and cultures stretching from the crystalline sea of ​​coastal countries to the charm of the mountain with its ravines on the slopes of “Pollino mountain” and “Sila mountain”.
Our trip today stops at Plataci, a small town of about 750 inhabitants.
Plataci is the casket of Arbereshe culture located on Calabrian – Lucan borders in the heart of Pollino.
Its main characteristic, together with the natural predominance surrounding the town, is undoubtedly the strong predominance and presence of the Albanian origins of this fascinating village, which still maintains the scent and the fascination of its origins.

Originally Plataci fell under the jurisdiction of Cerchiara. Following the terrible earthquake of 1456, some Albanian exiles abandoned their native land and settled around 1476 in the pre-existing Cerchiara farmhouse.
It remained for many centuries under the aegis of the marquisate of Cerchiara. He passed to Pignatelli, who held power until 1806. From here begins the story of Plataci, which for uses, customs and traditions, joins other Arbereshe centers. Some of these are present in the territory of Alto Jonio Cosentino.

The customs that from generation to generation are handed down and are repeated while maintaining faith in their origins are still alive.
From the Arberesh culture, there are many religious and folk festivals that animate Platacese life actively involving the entire community.
Traditions that revive in the fascinating murals that freshen up the country’s houses and streets. The portrayed scenes tell about the history and culture of the Albanian people. Since here the title that makes Plataci the “Country of the Murales on the Arberesh World”.


is also nature, experiential tourism, adventure desire. In addition to the vast vastness of woods and hiking on “Monte Sparviere” and beautiful panoramic views of the Ionian coast, you can get an adventure out and have fun in the first adventure park of the “mar Jonio”.
Plataciland is undoubtedly a stop not to miss on our trip to Plataci.
The ideal adventure for adults and children to spend a day away from monotony and experience an unforgettable experience.
Plataci is nature, it is history, it is tradition, it is folklore, it is hospitality that only in special places can be found.

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