Oriolo Calabro

Is a little town in “Alto Jonio Cosentino” of about 2300 inhabitants. Oriolo Calabro stands on the top of a mountain rock at about 500 meters above sea level.
One of the most authentic medieval city in the south, still preserving the fascination of the past by showing the ancient charming of the noble palaces that follow the avenue that leads to the doors of its beautiful “Aragonese” castle.
The landscape of this city is the most classic example of medieval urbanism. The castle dominates the entire inhabited area, which develops in the valley below.
Thanks to its geographical position, Oriolo Calabro is in fact the ideal crossroads to venture on excursions in the surrounding valleys, all over “Val Sarmento” and “Valle del Sinni”, and in the Pollino mountain, to reach Pollino Mountain and the renowned Gorges of the Raganello. Oriolo Calabro is also a pleasant place to spend moments of relaxation immersed in history and uncontaminated nature.
Since its origins, due to its geographical position in the heart of the Calabrian-Lucan Apennine dominated on the “Valle del Ferro”, the ancient border between “Sibaritide” and “Siritide”, and its urban design, Oriolo Calabro has always been an unbeatable city.
The fortified town was built on top of the rocky spur to defend itself against the Arab raids that rushed along the coast. Due to its dominance over the “Valle del Ferro”, Oriolo was favored by the populations inhabiting the coastal areas.

Oriolo Calabro

Over the centuries it became increasingly an economic and social reference point for the whole area, handing over to the one of the most important noble families.
Even in recent times, with the important economic development of the post-war period, Oriolo Calabro has been able to maintain a leadership role for all the neighboring countries that revolve around it, thanks also to important infrastructural works that have allowed it to not sink into the isolation To which today many Calabrian realities are sadly encountering.
Today Oriolo Calabro is a town that tries to rise from the landslide events that have literally devastated the territory. In the last few years, two important landslides have put the entire inhabited area on the knees, with entire collapsed areas and economic damage of several million euros.
But the enormous courage and the great heart of the inhabitants continue to strike for their country, and with enormous constancy they work daily to rebuild what has been destroyed and bring Oriolo Calabro to its former splendor.
Oriolo Calabro remains indole a country linked to its origins and traditions. Traditions that continue to pass from generation to generation following the same use and customs. Examples of all are the patronal festivals of “St. Giorgio Martire” and “St. Francesco da Paola”, which are celebrated each year on 23rd and 24th April. The celebrations in honor of “St. Giorgio” date back to the Norman period and became more and more heard and attended since the ‘600. Today is still used to go to the saint in procession and, in honor of the saint. On April 24, the feast of “St. Francesco” takes place, another important and solemn moment for the whole community.

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