Cerchiara di Calabria

is set in the heart of the Pollino National Park.
Cerchiara di Calabria is a small village of about 2400 inhabitants, deeply rooted in its origins and traditions.
The origin of this small village dates back to the Paleolithic Period or the Iron Age. This is evidenced by the discovery of numerous bronze axes found in the archaeological sites of the “Balze di Cristo” and “Lupparello” place.

The first notable urban settlement is supposedly associated with the historic era of greater splendor of the ancient city of Sibari, destroyed around the 6th century BC. The first documents attesting to the existence of the country date back to the Byzantine period, when it is indicated by the name Circlarium, at the center of a monastic zone of great importance.
Testimony of the central role of Cerchiara in Calabria in the Christian life of the area is the Sanctuary of “Santa Maria delle Armi”.

The Sanctuary is built for the most part in the rock. The cave preserves the black effigy of the Madonna, set in a silver bowl. From the characteristic orography of Cerchiara di Calabria, rich in caves, the springs of the Grotto of the Nymphs originate. The sulfur water that springs fuel the homonymous spa complex.

Cerchiara di Calabria

You can not visit without having tasted the authentic and genuine taste of its bread. The Cerchiara di Calabria bread is one of the most proud of Calabrian gastronomy, protected by the trademark De.Co.
Typical product of the mountain area awarded by the brand of the Pollino National Park, still retains the traditions and tastes of the past, keeping intact the ingredients and preparation methods handed down for generations.
The typical feature of Circus Bread is its shape, with the particular “hump”, and the fragrance, which remains unchanged in properties and taste even after weeks from the oven exit. Around this induced one has created a form of industrial microeconomics that sees women protagonists. Thanks to this huge historical, natural and gastronomic heritage, Cerchiara di Calabria is the ideal destination for a holiday.

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