A center of arbereshe origin, among the most characteristic of all Calabria.
Castroregio is the smallest village of the Ionio Cosentino with its 39 square kilometers of surface area.
It was born in 1478, following the rise of the first refugees of Albanian origin on the mountain where they built the first houses.

The urban settlement of the first inhabitants of this area, hypothesized according to some historians in “Casaletto”, is favored by the discovery of the ruins of an ancient castle, used as a quarry of materials to build their homes. For centuries, Castroregio lived in a sort of confinement. Difficult was the integration of the population due to the different uses, customs, language and traditions.
An exile lasted until 1880 when the main street was built that connected it to Amendolara.
This long period of isolation has allowed Castroregio to maintain unchanged its characteristic features of a millennial culture.

His identity, his language, his rituals, such as Mass, celebrated with holy vestments of origin, and the bridal tradition, are still unchanged today and handed down from generation to generation. About 32 km from Castroregio there is the hamlet of Farneta. The small center is about 900 m above sea level on the slopes of Mount Rotondella. Farneta also has Albanian origins and was founded by the refugees who arrived in Calabria in 1535 from the “Peloponnese”.


Of particular interest is the main church dedicated to San Rocco, the patron saint. It was probably built after the plague that struck the whole territory around the ‘600. Completely rebuilt in recent times, replacing the previous seventeenth-century plant, it retains an iconostasis of Venetian-Cretan mold.

The Byzantine church dedicated to the “Virgin Mary of the Snow” of the seventeenth century, one of the oldest in the Lungro-Eparchia.
There are no models of monumental architecture, and except for some ancient palaces, including the “Camodeca Palace”, emerges the uniformity of the urban system that encircles the mountain peak, whose wall structure is characterized by For the use of local stone.
Characteristic and of particular interest are the customs and customs of this community.

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