Located on one of the hills that precede the historic center, overlooking the beautiful sea that baths this land, there is the Chapel of Saint Joseph in Amendolara.

Its origin dates back to the Byzantine era, and rises on the remains of a building before that time. It is formed by a rectangular compartment with an apse, alongside the south side by a rectangular hall, of which traces are still distinguishable on the ground.

The historic owners, namely members of the Andreassi family of ⇒ Amendolara, are buried inside. Traditionally, the month of March is entirely dedicated to St. Joseph. It is said that women, in ancient times, went to the chapel every day, reciting the Holy Rosary of St. Joseph, with songs of popular piety.

On the nineteenth day the feast is celebrated in honor of the Saint and this can be considered a true country holiday, as it takes place entirely in the chapel and in the surroundings.

After the procession and the celebration of the Mass, as the tradition calls, the distribution of the blessed loaves, called “panittilli”, takes place. During the day and the traditional getaways, the guys have fun with old games and popular singings.

Chapel of Saint Joseph in Amendolara ⇒ how to get

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